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The Secretariat

The secretariat is the human (electricity free!) engine room that acts on behalf of members to support activities. There is a FTE - Dom Robinson, the Founder - and a supporting team of part time volunteers who are unaffiliated independent consultants and industry experts that support Dom and the membership where they can. 


These volunteers give their time freely where possible, and progress their projects fuelled by their own good-will and determination to help the industry 'do the right thing'. Occasionally GoS will offer the volunteers nominal remuneration and support for out of pocket expenses where travel is required or it is critical to meet deadlines. 

This team is invaluable not only to Greening of Streaming, but to the industry. All are thought leaders in their own right and should you require expert consultancy across the media and streaming sector do explore reaching out directly to them!

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Dom Robinson 

Dom has nearly 30 years working with streaming and Content Deliver Networks. He is founder of Greening of Streaming and the full time day to day point of contact for all operations.

Contact Greening of Streaming here

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Annie Krukowska

Annie has a wealth of experience across the TV and Broadcast industry and holds numerous freelance roles advising businesses both small and large across the sector. 

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Anthony Daly

Anthony is a consultant with specialisation in environmental impacts of Games, Music, Media and Entertainment distribution. He is developing a wide range of relationships for Greening of Streaming, and supporting multiple Working Groups.

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Allan McLennan 

Allan is a well known industry thought M&E leader, advisor, technologist and operator has joined the secretariat to leverage his nearly 30 years working with data/AI, IP streaming distribution, content creation, even meta and to lend his support and knowledge to help Working Groups advance wherever the need is. He is the point of contact for members on the west coast of the USA.

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Mark Butcher

Mark has more than 25 years working in enterprise IT and is the founder of Posetiv Cloud, with a core focus on reducing digital emissions across all areas of IT – from data centres, networks, infrastructure to cloud and software development.

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Colin Dixon

Founder and Chief Analyst at nScreenMedia and a partner at The Diffusion Group. A senior executive in creating digital TV services and products at Microsoft/WebTV, Oracle, Liberate, and others. 

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Rudolf van der Berg

A partner at Stratix Consulting in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Rudolf has over 20 years of experience in Internet, telecom, datacentres, spectrum, standardisation and associated topics. In some of his work he analysed the impact of data centres and telecom networks on regional economies and their use of energy and water. 

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Barbara Lange

Formerly Exec Director of SMPTE, and leading industry consultant with a focus on sustainability, Barbara is also our Working Group 3 lead, overseeing best practice and is point of contact for  members in the Americas.

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Adam Curwin

Adam is a management accountant who was Greening of Streaming's founding Exec Director for the initial year, helping to get the organisation off the ground. Today he is our Working Group 9 Lead developing member relations with academia

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Ben Schwarz

Familiar to many in the industry, Ben has been consulting across the Internet, OTT, Media and Broadcast industry for many years, and has a current focus on the consumer 'LAN' environment. He is supporting multiple working groups.

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Tim Siglin 

Tim co-authored the original 'Greening of Streaming' article with Dom several years ago. He founded Help Me Stream Research Foundation, a charity that helps introduce first-world streaming into emerging economies by repackaging older technologies alongside current best practices in power consumption and sustainability.

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Joshua Berger

Josh is a multinational media supply chain expert who is passionate about the prospect of sustainably solving end to end industry distribution challenges.  He is eager to work together with his peers across the industry to help identify and deploy effective tactics to reduce the energy required for Video distribution

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Arian Koster

Working on 50% energy reduction ICT worldwide by 2030, Arian has over 30 years of experience in the media industry, was active in the establishment of several industry fora. He is leading the LESS accord Breadcrumbs project.

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Simon Jones

Simon has over 30 years of experience of ‘Internet Television’, from early Video-on Demand trials to UHD-HDR sports streaming at scale. He has extensive experience in industry forums such as the ITU-T, DVB and DTG. He holds a PhD from the University of Essex and is a SMPTE Fellow. Simon is leading the LESS accord Distribution Model Shifting project.

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