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As our various working groups progress they produce publications, sharable thought pieces and articles for wider consideration and discussion with the industry. 

You will find those publications appearing on this page!

WG8: REM Hackathon 1& 2 (Jan / Feb 2024) Review 

This paper is a review of WG8's initial tests of our new measurement platform. We are very excited to release this paper, since it is the first time we have attempted some 'engineering for sustainability' ourselves.


The overall aim of WG8 is to develop an energy measurement model that correlates streaming and energy consumption in a repeatable, scalable and near real-time process. This has been done in many labs settings around the world, we believe this is a pioneering (if not 'world-first') attempt to ambitiously build a platform for measuring Consumer Premises Equipment energy in real-world settings including the 'home'. 

The paper outlines a record and review of our very first hackathons where WG8 members started to bring the system live, and coordinate some very initial tests of the working processes.


Note: Do not expect data sets and analysis at this stage! We are developing the platform, and building out a clear, and transparent picture of the model, precisely to hear from the industry any feedback they may have as we go. The aim is to develop a model that will in turn produce data that is a usable and agreeable reference for the industry. Our model is designed to produce non-vendor specific frame showing how the variation in core, common architectural processes in software, hardware and network architecture interplay with energy supply.


Further hackathons and review papers will be published in due course as we build out the complete model to help us test not only CPE energy consumption but by collaboration across other working groups - particularly WG6 and WG4 - we will now be building out a complete  energy consumption picture of live streaming workflows. Expect these further papers to appear relatively regularly through the rest of 2024.

February 2024

WG1.Lexicon: Power off, Sleep and Standby

The second output from WG1 focusses on the terms "Power off, Sleep and Standby' - again these are terms we all use. They relate directly to energy consumption in our minds and so relate to sustainability too. However the use of these terms varies immensely through the supply chain. In this paper we talk about responses from a survey of engineers we carried out. We covered discussions about other groups and SDOs use of these terms and at the end of the paper explore harmonisation with some of these.

January 2024

WG1.Lexicon: WATTS

The first output from WG1 was created in response to a request from the Streaming Video Technology Alliance to help them develop their own 'glossary of terms' to include issues relating to streaming.  Focussing on the term "WATTS" this short paper will open thinking into what is seemingly a mundane terms in common use, but when looked at in detail in different contexts - even in our own sector - the term has a wide range of interpretations.

July 2023

WG6.Compression: LESS Accord - Mile High Video (ACM)

To introduce the Low Energy Sustainable Streaming Accord we presented this paper to the ACM's 'Mile-High Video' Conference in Denver in May 2023. It provides an overview of the organisation and the project.

May 2023


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