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Members are benefitting from:

  • Participation in industry-leading research initiatives (LESS Accord)

  • Collaboration with industry leaders and pioneers via our exclusive Working Group programmes, and hackathons.

  • Market visibility of contribution to GoS initiatives through additional media outlet points. Consistent coverage by Faultline,, The-Flint, InBroadcast,  The Broadcast Bridge and more, and occasional coverage in BBC News, The Guardian and others.

  • Providing Engineering and Development staff with career development opportunities Each member organisation may involve as many of their staff as they want to - we strongly encourage wide participation to bring many skills to the table! This is great for CPD as well as helping to broaden internal stakeholder interest in sustainability issues across the member organisation.

  • Having a strong ESG messages to Stakeholders - quite often organisations are under pressure to talk to their communities about their ESG activities. The reality is none of us have all the answers today, and yet saying 'we don't have an answer' is not a strong message - even if it is true!. Taking part in Greening of Streaming can be a message in its own right.  By communicating that you are collaborating with a broad industry group and trying to find empirical answers that you can be accountable for you can engender trust and at the same time avoid green washing .

  • Access to a full-time secretariat that coordinates and supports Members’ activities to ensure wide participation in GoS initiatives, and acting as a central point of contact for external parties in the Streaming Industry

  • 12 monthly meetings – formal information sharing and collaboration planning with a widely distributed group of thought leaders


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Membership rates

Rates are turnover based.

Memberships may be offered at different rates to other not for profit organisations and 'exceptional cases' to foster deeper relations across the industry.

If you think you are an 'exceptional case' then please reach out using our contact form to make your case and we will put the option to members for consideration.

GBP (£) / Year
£1m - £5m
£5m - £10m
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