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Greening of Streaming is a 'Not For Profit' organisation. While operating as a UK Limited Company its articles of incorporation prohibit distribution of profits. Members fees are collected annually from the date of joining. These fees resource the secretariat to act on behalf of members to ensure the development of the collective aims of the organisation, and provide working capital for the Working Group activities, including events to raise awareness, and research and practical engineering projects that the members collectively decide to act on.

The organisation is not a Standards Development Organisation, and there is no aspiration to develop any collective Intellectual property, although the secretariat may, from time to time, publish content that is considered copyright to the organisation and, along with its trademarked name and logo, fees may be used to defend those rights. 


There are bylaws which are non-contractual, but are considered a 'code of conduct' between members.


Critically membership includes a commitment to the one 'cardinal rule' of the organisation and that is to adopt the spirit of 'No Greenwashing'. Members considered in breach of this rule by a majority vote of other members may be asked to leave the organisation.  Note this has never happened! :) 

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Membership rates

Rates are turnover based.

Memberships may be offered at different rates to other not for profit organisations and 'exceptional cases' to foster deeper relations across the industry.

If you think you are an 'exceptional case' then please reach out using our contact form to make your case and we will put the option to members for consideration.

GBP (£) / Year
£1m - £5m
£5m - £10m
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