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Working Together for more Sustainable Streaming

  • Engineer: We define real-world experiments and engineer real solutions to evidence and underpin best practice

  • Educate: We educate the Industry with engineering-led activities about how Streaming really works from an Energy Consumption perspective

  • Inspire: We support Regulators and other industry-bodies as appropriate in their legislation and standards efforts to ensure a more sustainable future

About Greening of Streaming

Greening of Streaming is an organisation with international reach, created to address growing concerns about the energy impact of the streaming sector.


We provide a forum for the Global Internet Streaming industry to develop better engineering and to foster collaboration through the supply chain as we create a great experience for the consumer without wasting energy. 

The world has become increasingly reliant on streaming services for business, entertainment and social interactions.

For streaming to continue to change the world for the better, it needs to focus on best practices around energy consumption.

Greening of Streaming is a members association that brings the industry together to help create joined up thinking around end to end energy efficiency in the technical supply chain underpinning streaming services.

We are working to provide better real-world data to understand energy use relating to streaming, and then to engineer better and to develop and share best practice through the industry community.

What We Offer To Members

Our Members come from all parts of the Streaming industry and are of all sizes.  Some are household names, others provide specialist services within the industry.  All are keen to improve the sustainability of the sector

They are encouraged to discuss the issues that they face related to environmental impact, and what they are doing to address these issues.  Sharing knowledge and best practice will be the quickest way to efficiency gains

Greening of Streaming uses fees to commission papers on the state of the sector, and measure the gains in improvements made by our members, while encouraging members to provide the best data and instrumentation to these projects that we can.

Greening of Streaming provides a collective point of contact for our industry to ensure that Streaming becomes as sustainable as we can make it, while keeping the quality as optimal as we can deliver.

The Intent

The founding commitment between members Greening of Streaming:




Through peer engagement members seek to do everything they can to make accurate public statements about energy efficiency in relation to streaming. 

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