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The LESS Accord

Within the Greening of Streaming organisation, working group 6 (which is tasked with looking at all things compression-related) is leading an initiative to work across all industry groups and stakeholders to define the “Low Energy Sustainable Streaming” (LESS) Accord. The objectives of this are summarised at a high level by the mission statement below:

WG6 will work towards articulating a set of best practices for how compression technologies should be employed across streaming video workflows to maximize their energy efficiency whilst maintaining a default good quality of experience for viewers. These guidelines will have the collective aim of reducing energy usage across the complete scope from initial encoding for distribution, to the point of decoding and display on consumer devices for all types of video delivery service.

Please HELP US! We are canvassing the industry to explore as many ideas as possible with the commitment from our members to put to practical test, in production environments as far as possible, the hybridisation of the ideas we think are most viable!


(For those who want a little more technical scope and methodology detail click here)

(And if you would like to get involved in testing or have tests you would like to collaborate on feeding back on, then do consider joining up as a member of Greening of Streaming!)

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