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Tester Conditions

Tester Conditions

For those taking part in our testing programmes you will have already had a form opting into our privacy and terms and conditions of taking part. 

Essentially we already have your data so that we can correlate your activities with your meter's energy reading, and you will have 'opted in' by sharing your meter to our central system. 

All content is delivered in good faith, but there are risks that might - for example - mean something 'crashes' on your set top box or smart tv or viewing device, and requires an inconvenient restart or reinstallation of our test app. We are hoping that nothing damaging can happen, but we cannot be held liable for any such inconvenience caused.

You undertake to take part in these tests at your own risk.

We will nonetheless do what we can to help understand such challenges and support to the best of our abilities any fix needed.

If you want to take part....

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Thanks for submitting!

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