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EBU's Tech and Innovation Magazine: Focus on LESS with Greening of Streaming!

Greening of Streaming was delighted to receive some coverage in the European Broadcast Union's 'tech-i' magazine focussing on the LESS Accord project!

The EBU have been particularly active members of Greening of Streaming, and their reach into the technical broadcast community is deep. For us it is an invaluable channel of communication as we work with the industry to focus on energy efficient streaming. As we reach the end of stage one (the industry consultation) of the LESS Accord, this coverage helps ensure we can, as far as possible, foster a sense of involving the whole industry as we try to reach that 'accord' for Low Energy Sustainable (LESS) Streaming. Thanks so much to Eoghan O'SULLIVAN of the EBU Technology & Innovation for making it happen!

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