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Greening of Streaming: Targeting 'Good Enough' quality defaults for Energy Efficiency

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Dom Robinson, Founder of spoke at the EBU Horizons 2022 event in November.

The presentation focussed on Greening of Streaming's 'Working Group 6' (WG6). WG6 is described as follows:

Activity: Exploration of 'Good Enough' or Minimum Viable Product (in terms of 'QoE') for consumers as a default target for broad energy optimisation through the streaming ecosystem

In summary the idea is to explore finding a quality setup that can be universally accepted as the 'default' mode for streaming and thus the industry can universally design caching, encoding, decoding (particularly DSPs in consumer electronics etc) to be tuned for maximum energy efficiency at this 'default' setup, while still allowing consumers to 'opt in' to higher quality settings when viewing in a more focussed way that will benefit. It is felt that most consumers are not aware of HDR or 4k (etc) and these higher quality features may increase energy consumption by as much as 50% or 100%.

Greening of Streaming is setting out to work with the entire ecosystem from studio and cinematics, through production, distribution and device manufacture to try to evaluate what that 'good enough' quality is for the majority of viewing situations.

Once that is established then there will be a round of economic modelling to look at the effort required to adopt such a change through the industry. This will reflect energy costs / impacts too.

Once this model is proposed it will be presented as a potential 'Best Practice' for the group to share publicly.

To see the full presentation register with the EBU and watch it here:


About Greening of Streaming:

Greening of Streaming is a not for profit members group representing technology vendors and service operators from across the streaming, broadcasting and telecoms industry.

To find out more about membership or for general enquiries please reach out on


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