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IBC Beach: Streamers Meetup - Sept 11th - Jetty Bar @ IBC

Greening of Streaming, Streaming Video Technology Alliance, Women In Streaming Media and the CDN Alliance are celebrating the return of IBC with a meet-up by the Beach at the Jetty Bar in the RAI from 5pm to 8pm on Sunday the 11th of September.

This is a great opportunity for members to catchup face to face, and for those curious about what these key organisations in the streaming media industry to come to find out more.

We encourage members to bring peers in the industry who you think will benefit from finding out more about the activities and initiatives that each of these groups leads. Its a paid-bar so each member can "sponsor" their own rounds! :-)

There will be a short 5 min presentation from each organisation around 6pm.

"Joining up thinking around energy efficiency in streaming"

"Solving critical challenges of delivering high quality video at scale"

"Increasing Diversity and visibility of Women in the streaming industry"

"Connecting, supporting and representing the CDN industry"

To quote Fatboy Slim: "We've come a long long way together through the good times and the hard" ... let's celebrate the return to IBC and help raise the profile of streaming across the broadcast industry...

The eventbrite registration helps us plan (and has more details), so please register if you can...


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