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Sustainability in Streaming and Digital Media Delivery (Greening of Streaming 2nd Annual Summit).

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

After a very busy first year, Greening of Streaming is hosting its 2nd Annual Summit on Sept 7th, via Zoom, from 3pm to ~9pm UK time.

It is the perfect event to get focussed on the hottest topic in the Streaming Industry, get up to speed with areas of concern and emerging technical and strategic development, and to focus in on how to proactively make change to reduce energy wastage while streaming.

At the opening of the event we will hear from Politicians and Regulators about considerations relating to energy usage, streaming services and policy.

We will also hear how some of the largest organisations in the sector are collaborating to ensure that 'sustainability' does not become a #greenwashing and competitive marketing exercise but ACTUALLY makes a difference.

Topics will include:

  • Minimising energy usage in digital / streaming media distribution

  • Exploring outputs from GoS working groups, including measurement and terms and work to improve supply chain communication with SBTI focussed on sustainability

  • Gathering and analysing real-world stream related energy usage

  • Presenting emerging 'Best Practices' from leading operators

The 5 hour virtual event is designed to be fast paced, quickly covering many topics, and to allow the audience to think broadly about the many issues and approaches organisations are exploring, and to encourage you to follow up by getting involved!

Sign up via zoom registration directly here

Explore the online agenda here (latest updates etc), and download the current advance programme release below.

GreeningofStreaming Annual Summit 2022
Download PDF • 742KB

The event is actively supported by all our members: With HUGE thanks for their support.

For more information about getting involved with Greening of Streaming please email us at


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