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Greening of Streaming 2nd Annual Summit on Sustainability in Streaming and Digital Media Delivery.

07 Sept, 15:00 – 21:00 BST ZOOM WEBINAR

KEEP THE DATE! Registration will soon open for our 2nd Annual Summit to be hosted on 7th September 2022.

Convening the public, members and guest speakers for the 2nd Annual Summit of the Greening of Streaming association

Topics will include:

  • Minimising energy usage in digital / streaming media distribution

  • Exploring outputs from GoS working groups, including measurement and terms and work to improve supply chain communication with SBTI focussed on sustainability

  • Gathering and analysing real-world stream related energy usage

  • Presenting 'Best Practices' from leading operators

The draft programme is available online here.

We are interested to hear from sponsors and others who might like to join members and speak or join panel discussions. Please get in touch.

Registration will open (free and to the public) in May.

For more information :


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