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The Flint goes live

Greening of Streaming is a proud sponsor of new publication 'The Flint'.

The Flint is focussed on news focussing on sustainability and media.

We think: "Finally a focussed source of information on a key topic that is emerging in every aspect of the industry's thinking; a brilliant idea from the two creators."

For our part we have offered writings from one of our Volunteer Secretariat, Ben Schwarz, as a regular diary of his view of our activities, 'from the inside'. While these will be Ben's own take on Greening of Streaming, it will help The Flint readers keep up to speed with the topics we are investigating.

The first edition - largely Ben's summary of IBC activities - is here:

If you want to explore our own presentation (as reviewed by Ben) in full the video is here:

Be sure to follow The Flint, bring them news, keep them topical, and spread the word!

And for more about Greening of Streaming: /


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