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V-Nova joins Greening of Streaming - a not for profit members organisation focussing the streaming industry on developing joined-up engineering strategies to reduce energy waste in the delivery infrastructure - today welcomes V-Nova as a new member.

V-Nova is committed to unlocking higher picture quality at scale. Its technologies improve data, video, imaging, and point-cloud compression efficiency, and have been granted international standard status by MPEG, ISO and SMPTE. V-Nova’s relentless efforts have resulted in MPEG-5 LCEVC, an enhancement layer standard that simultaneously improves the compression efficiency, and reduces the energy consumption, of any standalone video codec.

More about V-Nova:

V-Nova's CEO, Guido Meardi noted "We welcome the creation of the Greening of Streaming. It will bring together the whole industry to agree on key metrics, principles, and objectives. V-Nova is determined to improve efficiency in video processing, so we are keen to join the group and contribute to its initiatives."

To find out about becoming a member reach out to


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