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Agama joins Greening of Streaming

Greening of Streaming - ( - a not for profit members organisation focussing the streaming industry on developing joined-up engineering strategies to reduce energy waste in the delivery infrastructure - today welcomes Agama as a new member.

"Agama Technologies is a leading provider of powerful real-time video observability and analytics.

Empowering people and teams to accomplish more through service and video observability, analytics and insights. By implementing observability and analytics in your operational, product, and management teams, you can optimize service quality, improve operational efficiency, and gain deeper customer understanding. "

“Given the importance of understanding one’s environmental impact, and Agama’s continuous drive to ensure video providers have the vital insights easily available, we are joining the sustainability movement by launching a new way for companies to analyze their environmental footprint and take necessary actions to reduce it”, says Mikael Dahlgren, CEO of Agama Technologies.

"Sustainability analytics, a new project from Agama, is intended for video operators who want to operate in a data-driven way to help them make informed decisions on their journey to reduce the environmental footprint. By analyzing fine-grained usage metrics per service, device, or apps, and presenting trends and breakdowns of the energy use over time, we can simplify both the understanding of the current environmental impact and the study of how alternative actions will influence it. "

Dom Robinson, Founder of Greening of Streaming noted "the group's continued focus on data gathering and establishing a clear picture of the landscape around energy demand created by streaming infrastructures relies on a depth of understanding and specialised tooling to help us form long term strategy. Agama's expertise in this area, combined with their extensive experience in the sector, will be a welcome contribution across our working groups. We warmly welcome Agama to Greening of Streaming!"

To find out about becoming a member reach out to


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