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Coherent Logix joins Greening of Streaming - a not for profit members organisation focussing the streaming industry on developing joined-up engineering strategies to reduce energy waste in the delivery infrastructure - today welcomes Coherent Logix as a new member!

Coherent Logix Inc. is headquartered in Austin, TX. A full-service company that provides both an innovative semiconductor platform and engineering design services. They introduced the HyperX Family in 2007, and in early 2023 the 4th generation HyperX Midnight software-defined SoC designed for solutions that require high levels of integration, performance, power efficiency, upgradability, and radiation tolerance.

Power efficiency is a native and significant attribute of digital neuromorphic semiconductors. Through astute management of power and thermal issues, Coherent Logix semiconductors have pushed back the breakdown of Moore's Law, a.k.a. Moore's Wall, by over 20 years.

Joe Fabiano, Chief Marketing Officer, Coherent Logix noted "It will be refreshing to be part of a common cause to change the world for the better, where a significant part of this effort can be to optimize edge processing through super-computing, and in a way that that efficiently reduces unnecessary network transmission and processing in the cloud"

Dom Robinson, Founder of Greening of Streaming, commented: "This is something different: - Coherent Logix unusual approach to semiconductor architecture is new to me, and I am sure will introduce some disruptive new thinking about how streaming processing can be facilitated in original, and potentially transformative ways when it comes to energy efficiency. We wholeheartedly welcome them on-board and look forward to their contribution!"

More about Coherent Logix:

To find out about becoming a member reach out to


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