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GoS: Working Group 4 talk about progress on their live event energy measurement project.

At Greening of Streaming's Sept 7th 2nd Annual Summit on Sustainability in Streaming and Digital Media Delivery members of Working Group 4, a group looking specifically at energy measurement through the life cycle of streamed live events, talked about progress within the group over the first months of work.

The core aim is to capture average watt load over every 15min from some time in advance of a significant live event, through to some time after the event, and to identify what the increase in energy through the streaming workflow is that relates to that traffic. The null-hypothesis is that traffic will have little direct effect on energy consumption. The assumption is that this is because actually the networks and services are provisioned and decommissioned around commercial SLAs to meet anticipated traffic rather than in direct response to the load.

The measurement is not without some challenges, but the Working Group have already got operational measurement live in several of the members systems, and are now both growing that number of participants, and starting to consider how to cross-calibrate.

This working group is GoS' most active working group at the moment: If you would like to et involved please reach out on


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