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UK Shadow Minister (Climate Change and Net Zero) Opens Greening of Streaming Annual Summit (+Ofcom)

Dr Alan Whitehead MP, (Lab) Shadow Minister with oversight of Climate Change and Net Zero opened Greening of Streaming's 2nd Annual Summit on Sept 7th encouraging the Greening of Streaming to engage with COP 27 and seek an international stage to highlight that 'the industry community is ready to do something about the challenges we fact, and made a key comment:

"There is a real problem with 'first-mover' here - most national legislatures just don't think it (energy impact of digital media and streaming) is their problem and therefore are only prepared to do pretty limited things about it, and we have got to get that onto a much firmer international context."

Simon Parnall, Principal Adviser Broadcast Technology, Office of Communications (UK communications regulator) followed with a presentation detailing work that Ofcom are undertaking with a variety of industry groups (and which Greening of Streaming is supporting) to better understand the carbon emissions of the industry sectors that they regulate.

Highlighting that Ofcom do not have a formal responsibility to regulate emissions they do however strongly feel that this is a 'contextual' to their remit.

Simon went on to detail how Ofcom also want to set streaming and broadcasting in a broader context as an enabler for decarbonisation too. While Streaming undeniably creates a significant energy demand in its own right, by enabling video conferencing and remote working and other such activities, these technologies play a significant role in reducing other carbon intensive activities.

The full session (36min) including introduction and welcome from host and Greening of Streaming founder Dom Robinson can be seen here :

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