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Greening of Streaming Interview: Progress to date!

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Dom Robinson, Founder of Greening of Streaming, was interviewed by Neil Howman, Managing Director of 202 Communications in an in depth discussion about Greening of Streamings activities since inception.

In this 45 minute discussion Neil and Dom explored why sustainability and energy efficiency are concerns for the media industry and in particular the streaming sector, what challenges are faced, and what Greening of Streaming members are doing to take on those challenges.

Topics included:

  • As streaming becomes an ever larger driver of electricity consumption, how to create a great consumer experience without wasting energy

  • Best practices for building power efficiency into streaming workflows

  • The efforts to combat “greenwashing” in the streaming industry and instead, build real sustainability

  • A progress update on recent academic research and policy advocacy efforts

  • The current status of the work being done to create end-to-end energy efficiency in the technical supply chain

"This was a real opportunity to 'go deep' on a public platform - The 202Comms 'Live Event Interactive Virtual Event Platform' event was well attended, with an engaged audience asking involved questions, and it was really nice to have a moment to explore Greening of Streaming with an audience and without rushing!" - Dom Robinson, Founder Greening of Streaming.

The full event can be explored here:


Greening of Streaming is a not for profit members group representing technology vendors and service operators from across the streaming, broadcasting and telecoms industry.

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