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The Public Perceptions of Streaming, Internet Connectivity and the Relation to Energy

At the Sustainability in Streaming and Digital Media Delivery: Greening of Streaming 2nd Annual Summit Tim Siglin, of Help Me Stream Research Foundation reviewed the data set that Greening of Streaming collected from a YouGov survey conducted earlier in the year.

In this survey a number of questions were put to a random sample of around 2500 members of the public to explore their understanding and level of concern around energy consumption and streaming.

Tim then discussed the results in some depth with Greening of Streaming members Elodie Levrel (Broadpeak) and Silvia Candido (ATEME).

The strong sentiment is that the responsibility is with the industry to drive change. While consumers, when informed, tend to modify their consideration of the issue, it is clear that they are not well empowered by the industry to make change, and that beyond 'turning their streaming system off' there is little more the consumer can do to improve the situation.

Watch the full session here:

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