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Greening of Streaming: LESS Accord Industry Consultation - Stage 1: Projects Announced!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Greening of Streaming is an organisation with international reach, created to address growing concerns about the energy impact of the streaming sector.

We provide a forum for the Global Internet Streaming industry to develop better engineering practices and to foster collaboration through the supply chain as we create a great experience for the consumer without wasting energy.

For the last five or six months, as stage one of our Low Energy Sustainable Streaming (LESS) Accord,

We have been proactively reaching out to as many of the engineering groups and industry actors we can, in particular those who work on aspects of the streaming supply chain, asking them to contribute ideas and intuition where the industry could practically undertake to reduce the energy demand of the delivery infrastructure.

We have had responses from encoding and compression technology providers, from CDNs and Telcos, and from those focussed on the Consumer Equipment.

We have now distilled those ideas into four 'testable' projects. Next week (June 21st) in our event in Brussels Greening of Streaming members, regulators, technical experts, and guests from across the sector will meet to hold an initial brainstorm on how each of these projects can be tested in as-near-to-a-production-environment as possible.

The four projects proposed are these:

...and they will be conformed to check these projects also work 'with' eachother:

The plan is that members organisations (perhaps bringing in 'guests' and partners to complete the workflows) will step up, stand up the tests and later in the year (Q4/Q1) run these tests in-anger in production (or near-production) environments.

Data gathered will be made available to academia so that we can see interpretations from across the SBTI spectrum and more, and help us to develop broad general best practice guidance for those operating streaming workflows.

The first step is to meet on June 21st, to explore these ideas and see if we can stand up our best guess of A/B tests that will provide an industry, that is currently working in many Independant directions, to collectively find an 'accord' in direction of travel toward Low Energy Sustainable Streaming.

There are still a few 'in-person' tickets left for those who can make it to Brussels.

And for those who want to take part online our event forms Day 2 of the awesome Media Tech Sustainability Summit - so register for both days and join us on Day2!

For more information about membership please explore or email to talk with us!


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