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LESS Accord Project Introduction and informal members meet-up at IBC

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Greening of Streaming's LESS Accord is seeking to focus the industry's engineering minds around energy efficiency as we scale streaming. We have conducted several months of active outreach to the industry engineers over the course of this year, ideas, strategies and even gut intuition to help isolate where the engineering community thinks the most important and addressable opportunities are. The LESS Accord aims to conduct some feasibility studies into those areas across real-world (or as near as can be) production streaming systems, and as far as possible 'at-scale'.

At this event in IBC (Friday Sept 15th Room E105 from 14.45 to 16h) Greening of Streaming members will talk for 10-15 mins on each of the resulting four work areas our members are exploring as part of the LESS Accord, and take an opportunity for further input from the industry audience as we refine and move those projects into practical activity.

The meeting will introduce some of the already-in-place Project Leads. They will talk about the areas of focus, the conceptual workflows, and where we are reaching out both to and beyond the membership to complete those workflows and ensure that the tests are well accepted by not only our membership, but the industry as a whole.

Afterwards we will retire to the infamous IBC Beach bar for informal continuation of the discussion!

So if sustainability in the streaming sector is of interest to you, and particularly if you have engineering skills, please come and find out more and share your own thoughts as we seek to collaborate to reduce the energy demands of streaming.


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