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AMD and Intel talk about Innovation in Silicon and Sustainability

On Sept 7th, at the's Sustainability in Streaming and Digital Media Delivery: Greening of Streaming 2nd Annual Summit. two giants of the industry, AMD and Intel, came together to talk about their respective strategies in both improving performance and reducing energy demands, and also reducing the carbon foot print of their technologies.

Aaron Behman talked about AMD's range of transcoders that are offering tremendous density, while maintaining extremely low power requirements.

"This is a very low power solution, 2 channels of 4k p60 in 25W" - Aaron Behman (AMD)

Guy Ray of Intel focussed on the full life cycle of their silicon, from manufacturing, waste and water considerations, through the supply chain and into their product development.

"We are working toward using 100% renewable energy in our production, and today we are at 82%!" - Guy Ray (Intel)

Greening of Streaming is a not for profit members group representing technology vendors and service operators from across the streaming, broadcasting and telecoms industry.

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