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Energy Efficiency in Public Service Broadcast

On Sept 7th 2022 representatives from the EBU and Arte spoke at the Sustainability in Streaming and Digital Media Delivery: Greening of Streaming 2nd Annual Summit event.

Hemini Mehta from the EBU talked through the EBU's members' net zero strategies.

"The Western European members and in particular the Nordics, are the ones that have been further ahead and have taken the lead. A number have developed white papers already, many with those involved in Greening of Streaming."

She went on to mention that the biggest conundrum in the sector is to understand how to get metrics. Cloud in particular is attractive for many reasons, but it is problematic gathering the right data. The current cloud data has always been taken with a pinch of salt. However the EBU are optimistic that working together with groups like Greening of Streaming they can narrow down on the language and terminology, measures and metrics that they can really rely on.

Stephanie Jung of ARTE spoke about how ARTE have been refining energy consumption in their digital media distribution. Work on their ISO 5001 Energy Management system, implemented in their HQ in Strasbourg, has allowed them to control and eventually reduce their carbon emission footprint.

They have also introduced sustainability requirements into the renewal proposals for production and distribution.

"One of the most striking albeit not surprising outcomes has been that Internet Distribution emissions are significantly higher than those of linear distribution"

The full discussion is here:

Greening of Streaming is a not for profit members group representing technology vendors and service operators from across the streaming, broadcasting and telecoms industry.

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