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Digital TV Group and Greening of Streaming reciprocate membership to collaborate on sustainability

Greening of Streaming - ( today welcomes the Digital TV Group as a new member to foster collaboration throughout the broadcast engineering community and supply chains and to collectively develop deeper understanding around streaming, sustainability and energy efficiency.

In reciprocation Greening of Streaming has become an affiliate member of the Digital TV Group and will help promote energy efficiency as a primary KPI in systems architecture considerations where relevant to the DTG's activities.

Alex Buchan, Strategic Technologist, Spectrum and Security at the DTG, who will be the liaison contact with GoS, noted "for more than 25 years the DTG has been central to driving digital TV innovation in the UK. From driving the digital TV switchover to making interactive TV happen, rolling out on-demand TV, and introducing HDTV and UHD TV. We work with the best of industry on the future of television – embracing the convergence of content and networks to efficiently deliver video to all screens, across all devices, in all formats "

“The DTG recently carried out a survey of its members to understand the future pathway for TV delivery and the implications of a moving from a broadcast infrastructure to an all IP infrastructure. The results showed that it was clear to all our members that truly understanding the environmental impact of delivering TV services - whether that is broadcast or IP - and ensuring the end to end delivery chain is being run as efficiently as possible, is key to the future strategy of all involved in the TV industry. The TV industry going through a period of transition so now is the time to ensure that sustainability is central to how TV evolves and how it supports consumers' needs."

Richard Linsday-Davies, CEO of the DTG added: "The DTG is delighted to join Greening of Streaming and to be part of this exciting work to reach a common understanding of the energy usage involved in delivering TV. The DTG is undertaking a major program of work with its members on the Future Pathway of TV and working alongside Greening of Streaming, we will provide vital metrics, such as quantifying the in-home energy usage of TV delivery, to inform the wider sustainability debate around the future of TV delivery in the UK and internationally.

Dom Robinson, Founder of Greening of Streaming, who will be the liaison for GOS at the DTG, noted "the DTG has world class expertise in the specifics of the TV industry. As streaming has become a key application deployed to TV we are keen to more deeply understand how streaming causes energy consumption in the consumer home, and the TV sits at the centre of that. We know about streaming: the DTG know about TV - bringing those forces together to explore collaboration is natural.

We hope that the model we are working out with the DTG will open the door to many more such engagements and hope to engage similar groups across the industry in the same way. We thank the DTG for breaking new ground with us. In Greening of Streaming we have a 'mantra' that is often repeated: you can't win sustainability: we can only win this one together."

To find out about becoming a member reach out to


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