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Faultline Sustainability Seminar #1 (Greening of Streaming, Blackbird, Cerberus Tech and Velocix)

Greening of Streaming took part in Faultline's Sustainability Seminar #1, along with well known industry actors, Blackbird, Cerberus Tech and Velocix.

To quote Faultline's own outline:

As a topic close to Faultline’s heart, we will explore how (or if) media and technology enterprises are taking actual actions to reduce their carbon footprints, with a focus on sustainable approaches to content delivery. But within the broader context of the climate crisis, is the video technology industry embroiled in a data crisis? Raising awareness is one thing, but are large organisations guilty of shifting too much blame onto consumers, as a greenwashing tactic?

To listen to the archive follow the link (or click the image below) and register through the 'join event' button..

It was a robust debate - in true 'Faultline' style the questions were deep and challenging and brought out a solid discussion.

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