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Green Stream Ep.10 - July 2023: Doug Johnson (CTA - Consumer Technology Association)

"Green Stream" a series of ~monthly video podcasts from Greening of Streaming that present activities, thought leadership and technical strategies focussing on sustainability and energy efficiency optimisation in stream delivery.

The archives are captured from the second part of our monthly members meetings, where (once all the day to day business is complete) we invite one member or a guest of a member to talk to the group about a key topic of interest.

In this edition of Greening of Streaming's "Green Stream" Dom Robinson talks with Doug Johnson, VP of Emerging Technology at the CTA (Consumer Technology Association)

Doug joined us for our guest slot at the end of our monthly meetings, and gave a great insight to his work and that of the CTA, the energy efficiency and carbon impact work spanning more than a decade and we had some speculative discussion about where the two organisations might find collaboration points! Well worth checking out!

A great session!

Please follow the GoS linked-in group to ensure you catch every forthcoming edition and and for other updates.

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