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Industry Standards, Best Practice and Collaboration for a more energy efficient Streaming Sector.

On Sept 7th 2022, Tim Siglin (Help Me Stream Research Foundation), Dom Robinson (id3as / Greening of Streaming), Mark de Jong (CDN Alliance) and Jason Thibeault (SVTA) spoke about their collaborations to reduce their energy consumption at the's Sustainability in Streaming and Digital Media Delivery: Greening of Streaming's 2nd Annual Summit.

Dom noted that central to their collective efforts is 'deduplication' - to reduce the pressure for each and every organisation in the industry to repeat the efforts of others.

Jason noted that 'through collaboration we can all do this together, and we can introduce sustainability thinking into our design work, rather than as an afterthought'.

Mark added that 'I have a personal interest in Greening of Streaming, and the overlap and touch points with the CDN Alliance make complete sense to develop'

Follow the full discussion in full here:

Greening of Streaming is a not for profit members group representing technology vendors and service operators from across the streaming, broadcasting and telecoms industry.

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