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Quortex (Now Synamedia) asks: "Streaming energy consumption - is there a problem at all?"

"The translation of energy to CO2 will depend on many factors" - Marc Baillavoine of Quortex (now Synamedia) noted at the's Sustainability in Streaming and Digital Media Delivery: Greening of Streaming 2nd Annual Summit.

In his presentation Marc addressed numerous data points that are commonly raised in discussions relating streaming and carbon intensity. He highlighted the challenges in accuracy of them, and the complexity of relating the two, drawing contrasts between various data interpretations, and yet underlined the importance of action, regardless of the exactness of the data description: A sentiment shared by all members of Greening of Streaming.

His comments on energy mixes were particularly sobering, noting that fossil energy is 1) way bigger than everything else combined still, and 2) fossil fuel production is increasing at the same pace as renewables, since whenever you use renewable you have to typically build the same capacity with fossil fuels to ensure reliability.

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