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Energy and Consumer Streaming Devices.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

On Sept 7th 2022, Arnaud Leyder (Radiant Media Player) and Will Pickett (Carnstone) spoke about energy consumption in client streaming devices at the's Sustainability in Streaming and Digital Media Delivery: Greening of Streaming's 2nd Annual Summit.

Arnaud spoke in depth about an amazing test model he has developed and has presented to Greening of Streaming members before, looking at the combinations of codecs, browsers and hardware platforms and comparing their respective energy efficiencies.

He made a key point:

"Hardware decoders outperform software decoders in power efficiency and decoding speed, but software decoders and remain efficient for low-resolutions."

Will outlined the work of DIMPACT and their analysis of End-user devices.

"End user devices and in home devices are a significant hotspot in the overall end to end emissions."

Follow the whole discussion here:

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