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TNO joins Greening of Streaming to collaborate on Sustainable ICT

Greening of Streaming - ( - a not for profit members organisation focussing the streaming industry on developing joined-up engineering strategies to reduce energy waste in the delivery infrastructure - today welcomes TNO as a new member.


TNO's mission is to generate maximum impact for a safe and secure, healthy, sustainable and digital society.

"Sustainable ICT is in the hearth of our ICT, Strategy and Planning Unit " says Arian Koster, Innovator Green ICT at TNO.

"TNO is working on making ICT more transparent on energy usage and carbon emissions. Greening of Streaming is doing the same for energy usage in streaming. So we are happy to team up with this international endeavour and work on achieving these important milestones for our industry. Important to note is that, if you can't measure it, you can't control it."

Dom Robinson, Founder of Greening of Streaming noted "Arian and the TNO team have been unstoppably motivated by sustainability in ICT and have brought TNO into Greening of Streaming as part of a clear drive to innovate across multiple sectors. TNO are a significant player in the ICT landscape and bring an established multidisciplinary powerhouse to the group. We expect to learn a lot from each other, and warmly welcome them as members!"

To find out about becoming a member reach out to


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